9 steps to build a website easily

Why build a website over using social media?

More and more people are looking to capitalise on the power of the internet which means that they need a website.

You could try your luck micro-blogging on social media but I think it’s a risky strategy. Social media algorithms can change at the drop of a hat, so one day you might get 1000 views of a Facebook post and only 10 the next day.

Whereas with a website you can optimise it for search engines to make sure that your site appears in the list when people search for phrases related to your site.

So how do you build a website easily?


WordPress is a really easy platform to get started with and use. Not only that it’s cheap too, so brilliant if you’re on a budget too.

It powers about a third of the entire web, is scalable and has loads of features to help you monetize your site too. Online shops, courses and membership sites are all possible using WordPress.

You’ll also find help easy to come by too in the form of online videos and tutorials as well as freelancers and virtual assistants with WordPress experience.

Possibly the most important reason to use WordPress is because it’s written with search engine optimization in mind.

Are there alternatives to WordPress?

There are alternatives to WordPress. Wix and Squarespace are the main competitors

Wix has a drag and drop site builder which some people find easy to use, but often people find that their sites end up bloated and take an age to load which means people don’t hang around on their sites and so they lose out in Google’s search results.

Squarespace’s jewel in the crown used to be it’s page and post editor, but WordPress bridged this gap at the end of 2018 with the release of it’s new block editor, Gutenberg.

Squarespace isn’t as popular as WordPress so tutorials are harder to come by as well as freelancers and virtual assistants with Squarespace experience.

Neither platform can compete with WordPress’s search engine optimisation. The level of control you get over your content on a WordPress site is far superior than the other platforms, which means you can optimise your site loading speeds and get your keywords in all the right places.

Ok, but how exactly do I go about it?

There are 9 steps in total.

  1. Choose a domain name related to your biz – you’re domain name (website URL) needs to relate to what you do and be future proof.
  2. Choose a host – a good host can make a huge difference to your site. Buy the best you can afford from the get go. I recommend Lyrical Host to all my clients, check out my Lyrical Host review.
  3. Install WordPress – this is literally the click of a few buttons and is particularly easy using Lyrical Host.
  4. Set up some basic security – make sure there are no accounts with the username admin.
  5. Choose a theme that reflects your brand – all themes can be personalised to add your brand but some are more suited to some brands than others. For example you’ll find lots of themes created specifically for salons, bands magazines and more. Find out more about WordPress themes.
  6. Install plugins – plugins add extra functionality to WordPress sites and are one of the huge draws to WordPress for a lot of people. Check out my list of recommended plugins.
  7. Add content – for every website I would say you need a homepage, about page and a contact page. If you’re thinking about starting a blog then you’ll need to think about blog posts too.
  8. Basic GDPR – you’ll need to make site visitors aware of how you use their info, things like cookies, Facebook pixels and mailing lists if you have one.
  9. Add extra security – this is where we effectively start adding deadbolts to your shop door. Think about changing your login URL to something only you know to discourage hackers from trying to hack your site.

Build a website easily – verdict

WordPress is the stand out platform for anyone wanting to build a website easily. Whether it be for a blog, an online business or just the online home for their bricks and mortar business.

It’s search engine optimisation features are second to none, and the options for monetisation include online courses, memberships, shops and more.

The steps involved to build a website easily with WordPress are quite straightforward.

You’ll need to choose a domain name (URL) and a host (somewhere for the website files to live).

Then you’ll need to install WordPress (a few clicks of a button) and then get to work customising it to fit your brand, adding content and making it secure.

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