Hi! I'm Kim Scotland, web developer and WordPress specialist

I love doing those fiddly tech jobs that you hate, especially building websites and email funnels.


Your website just doesn't feel like you anymore

You're a mumpreneur juggling family life and business. You want a website that you can feel proud of and that helps you connect with the people you're here to serve.

Because that's why you do what you do, right?

I see you mama

On the outside it looks like you're holding it together. You're always first to school drop-off and pick up and your social media content is scheduled to within an inch of it's life. But you don't have the systems set up when it comes to your website and mailing list and you're struggling to keep up.


How you would feel to know...

that your website has been refreshed to be a true reflection of you and your business today. Or that you have an email funnel set up that gets you regular new subscribers and nurtures them towards your paid offerings.

Would you feel relieved, relaxed, more present with your kids? Or maybe all 3?

All of this is waiting for you

Together we can create a fresh new online home for your business. One that helps you share your message with the world.
Let's get that mailing list set up and ready to start collecting email addresses so that you can be sure that your message reaches the right people.

Let's build the website your business deserves


My mission...

Is to make sure all women have the tech help they need, when they need it, and aren't made to feel stupid for needing it.

You don't know what you don't know, and that's OK. You've got loads more important things to worry about in your biz than working out which security plugin you should use.

You focus on your zone of genius and I'll focus on mine.

Who am I?

I'm a Harry Potter nerd #ravenclaw, originally from North Wales with a love for the web. I have a first class degree in Software Engineering and spent 8 years as a web developer working on healthcare software used by the NHS.

Despite being a tech professional I often found myself labelled an 'angry woman' for speaking my mind, was talked down to when I needed support and paid less than my male colleagues. 2 years before I left that job, this business was borne from my desire to help other women.

I'm here to make sure that your gender doesn't hold you back when it comes to tech because, ladies, we are all equal.

Kim is the first person I go to when I'm struggling

"I am not technically minded so Kim is the first person I go to when I am struggling with my blog. There have been days when Kim has saved my sanity. If you want good, easy to follow advice without techy jargon check her out."

Karen Smedley, Travel Blogger

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