How to use WordPress – an online course can help

How to use WordPress is a broad ranging question that can’t really be answered in a single blog post. But don’t worry you’ve not had a wasted journey I have a solution for you – an online course.

The beauty of WordPress is that it can pretty much do anything you want it to do. Blog, online shop, membership site, online courses – it can do the lot and more and that’s a lot of stuff to explain how to use.

So to get the answer you want to that question you need to get more specific in what it is you’re looking to do with WordPress whether that be set up a WordPress website, learn how to write and publish blog posts or how to set up an online shop.

What are the options?

When it comes to learning how to use WordPress there are a few options.

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great source of information and if you’re getting everything you need from them then that’s awesome. But sometimes you need that little bit extra.


YouTube can be a great place to go for WordPress tutorials. Videos, and in particular, screen recordings are a really effective way of teaching people how to use WordPress and tech in general to be honest.

Online courses

Online courses give in-depth information about a specific topic. The content it delivered over a series of modules and lessons.

You’ll usually get lifetime access to a course to be able to work through it when it suits you.


A webinar is an online presentation delivered via live video. The host will usually have a slide deck and will add to the content on the slides via voice over. Depending on the subject there may not be any slides, instead the host will be on screen talking you through their content.

Usually webinars are free and will include a pitch for the host’s product at the end, which will solve the problems they’ve raised during the session.

Online workshops

Online workshops are aimed at helping small groups of people work through the solution to a specific problem. I myself have run workshops on image optimisation and security, where participants worked through the problem at the same time as me and had the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Why you might choose an online course

Online courses are great if you want to go really deep on a certain topic because there’s no time limited session like a webinar or workshop.
The course creator can give each lesson or module the time it needs for someone taking the course to learn what they’re teaching.

Online courses give the content creator loads of options when it comes to choosing the best kind of media for teaching that lesson. It might be that just text is enough, but you might also decide to include a recording of someone reading the text. You might decide that you want to include text and video, or just video. Whatever the choice, it gives the course creator a higher chance of delivering it through a medium that works for you.

Often, but not always, online courses come with linked communities like Facebook groups. These groups are created so you can go and chat to other people taking the course and also ask the course creator questions about the content, which can be really useful especially if it’s a tech course.

Lifetime access means that you can do the course in your own time. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

If you’re a mum, like me, you’ll know that life gets in the way sometimes, no matter how well you’ve planned your time. Much as we love them, our little rascals don’t always adhere to our schedules.

So being able to pick the lessons up as and when it suits you, is great. BUT, not having that time constraint means that you’ll need to be self-motivated to work through the course to get the benefit that it promised when you bought it.

Why an online course is a good option to learn how to use WordPress

How to use WordPress is a really general question but one that is likely to be best answered by taking an online course.

When it comes to any kind of in-depth tech tutorial I would always favour an online course, because it allows the course creator to create screen recordings.

As a tech content creator myself, I think that the easiest way to teach how to use tech is for people to be able to see exactly what I see on my screen. Screenshots are an option, but they come a very distant second to an actual demo, in my view.

Not only that, but pre-recorded video can be paused and re-watched over and over as many times as you need to learn the skill being taught.

I love online courses because of the easy access, the fact they can be re-watched and re-read at your own leisure, and also because they can reach people all over the world, not just those who live in the UK.

Kirsty – Better your Blog

Lifetime access is also a big bonus when we’re talking about how to use WordPress.

For example, moving your WordPress website from one host to another. When you switch WordPress hosts, you can either transfer your domain name to your new host or leave it where it is and update the domain name settings to point to your new host.

In both these scenarios there will be a period of time where you’re waiting for the changes to take effect, so a webinar or a workshop just wouldn’t work for this topic.

You might decide to buy an online course that teaches you to create a website from scratch. Having lifetime access to that course means that if at a later date you decide to build another website you have the course to refer back to.

I enjoy online courses because I’m a visual learner. I like that I can watch, read and take notes at my own pace and that I can fit it in around work and my family.

Kelly – Kelly Kemp VA Services

How to use WordPress – verdict

WordPress can do pretty much anything you want so it’s important to be specific about what you actually want to achieve with WordPress.

There are several options available when it comes to learning different skills including blog posts, webinars, online courses, online workshops and YouTube videos.

My preference would always be an online course because the course creator can create screen recordings that you can re-watch as much as you need and lifetime access means that there’s no time restriction either.

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