What to send to your email subscribers – 11 easy ideas

Today I want to talk about what to send to your email subscribers. Most people focus on building their mailing lists but forget that they need to be sending emails. Or more commonly they go blank not knowing what to send, or convince themselves that they don’t have time to write content for their mailing lists. Luckily for you this blog post will talk you through 11 kinds of email you can send when you’re wondering what to send to your email list.

How often should you send emails to your list?

Consistency is key in building the know, like an trust factor with your email subscribers. If you send them 2 weekly emails and then they don’t hear from you for 2 months when you’re launching your new course, they’re not exactly going to feel valued.

There’s no magic number of how often you should send emails to your list – you’ve just got to be consistent. Whether that means sending emails weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, for people to trust you, you need to be a regular feature in their inboxes.

Do you need to write brand new content for every email?

Absolutely not. I think a lot of people get caught up thinking that an email list is something they have to write yet more content for. When we’re all feeling the pinch for time, it’s easy to see why this would put people off starting one.

Thankfully in this blog post I’ve listed my favourite kinds of email for when your wondering what to send to your email subscribers.

Round up email

This is where you send a list of links related to a certain topic. For example, during February 2020, my content was focused around getting started with email lists. I published one blog post a week on topics related to starting a list. I also published a load of social media content around those topics too.

So at the beginning of March, I plan to send a round up of links to my blog posts and social media posts in an email newsletter that month. This way my subscribers have all those links in one handy place. And it’s also a really quick and easy email to write.

This is one of my favourite kinds of emails to send and receive. I refer to it as giving the gift of time, because these are the emails that I save and file for later. It’s definitely one of the easier emails to put together when you’re wondering what to send to your email subscribers.

Want to grow your mailing list?

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Your latest lead magnet

Most of us will use lead magnets to encourage people to join our lists. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have 2 or 3 lead magnets and not everyone on your list will have received them all.

Every time you create a new lead magnet, send it to your current list. You’ve already got their email addresses so it’s not like you’re missing out on anything there. But more importantly, your subscribers will feel valued and like they’re getting something for nothing.

Always remember when you’re struggling with what to send to your email list, the answer should always be something of value.

A deeper dive on some more recent content

If you’re writing content for a blog or even social media, for your next email go a bit deeper on that topic and send it to your list. This works really well with list posts e.g. 3 awesome WordPress event plugins, you could then write about another 3 and send that to your list.

This tends to be my go-to email content on any given week. I write content for this blog weekly, which is how often my emails are sent out, which makes this quite easy for me.

An old, but still relevant, blog post

Always remember that not everyone has seen all of your content. So if you have a really popular blog post that you wrote a few months ago, update it if you need to, then take the key points and re-purpose into an email for your list.

Another kind of email that takes up a little of your time but can provide big value to your list. A really handy idea when you have no idea what to send to your email subscribers in your latest email.

Promotional content

Repeat after me, selling is helping. Your products/services solve problems for your ideal clients, so make sure they know about them and any promotions you might be running.

Obviously no-one wants to be spammed with sales and offers every week so be sensible in how often you send these kinds of emails out.

Your tools of the trade

Everyone loves a good tool. Whether it’s your favourite email marketing platform or the key to your productivity. Your subscribers care what you have to say and if you recommend something that could help them in their day to day lives or business then they’re going to really appreciate it.

This is also a chance to make some affiliate income. But there are a couple of things to bear in mind if you’re going to send affiliate links in your emails.

  • Make sure your email marketing provider allows you to send affiliate links using it’s software
  • Make sure the affiliate scheme allows you to send affiliate links within emails
  • Make sure you make it clear in your emails that it contains affiliate links
  • Only recommend stuff that you actually use and like. It could dent your know, like and trust factor if you send affiliate links to stuff that your subscribers don’t like and they think you were just looking to make a quick few quid.

Bamboozled when it comes to setting up your mailing list?

You’re not alone. There are so many moving parts to setting up a mailing list that it’s no wonder so many women get overwhelmed. There’s your lead magnet – what should it be anyway? Sign up forms, landing pages, thank you pages and email automations. It’s enough to drive any woman over the edge never mind one with kids climbing all over here.

So if you’re looking to get it up and running with minimal input from you, then Fabulous Funnels could be just the package for you. I’ll take care of all the tech and I’ll even help you create your freebie and work out what content should be in your email automations. Sound good? Click here or the image below for more info.

I need your help

This is my go-to email when I literally cannot think of anything else to send to my list.

Basically write an email asking them what they want you to send them in your next email. It’s such a simple idea and basically gives you 2 emails in one. The first asking for help and the second answering any queries that come from the first.

This also has the added bonus of getting people to reply directly to your emails making it less likely for your email address to be marked as spam in future.


Do you get asked the same questions over and over by clients or people getting in touch on social media?

If you do then this should be a really quick and easy email for you to write. Because, let’s be honest, if other people have asked these questions, chances are the people on your list could benefit from the answers too.

If you’re really on the ball and have an FAQ section on your website, this could almost be a copy and paste job. You just need to craft the intro and your done. A great time saver when you don’t know what to send to your email subscribers.

Curated content

This is similar to a round-up email only this time you’re adding links to other people’s content and not your own. So the goal here is to send your subscribers a list of links to help them with a certain topic.

Before you get all worked up about sending traffic to other websites, remember that your job is to be of service to the people on your list.

Myth buster

There are myths in every industry so this is a quick and easy email that you can write to help position yourself as an expert.

I myself sent an email busting the myth that you have to have a website before you start an email list. I also find that it’s quite easy to write subject lines for myth busting emails. Is this one myth stopping your from doing x? 3 myths in x industry that you should ignore. See where I’m going with this?

Behind the scenes

Everyone loves a sneak peek into other people’s lives. It’s why reality TV is still so popular in 2020 and why people love Instagram stories.

If you’ve had something big going on in your life or business then share it. It could be how you prepare for a launch or coming to terms with running your business around having a newborn baby.

As long as you’re sharing tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way, you’ll be giving huge value to the subscribers on your list.

What to send to your email subscribers? – summary

You should always be aiming to send content that will help your subscribers. In this blog post I listed 11 emails to send to your list that will provide them with value. These are:

  • A round up of your resources on a specific topic
  • Your latest lead magnet
  • A deep dive on some of your recent content
  • A re-purposed old blog post
  • Promotions, because selling is helping
  • Tools of the trade
  • Asking for help – what do they want your next email to cover
  • FAQ
  • Curated content – a list of resources from around the web on a certain topic
  • Myth buster
  • Behind the scenes

Has this given you an idea of what to send to your email list?

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Pinterest pin what to send to your email subscribers
Pinterest pin what to send to your email subscribers
Pinterest pin what to send to your email list
Pinterest pin what to send to your email list

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