5 really simple WordPress security tips

Need WordPress security tips? You’re in the right place my friend. You’re probably aware of the recent issues surrounding the WP GDPR compliance issue which saw a few thousand WordPress sites hacked due to a security flaw. This has made a few bloggers sit up and really think about the security of their website. I’ll hold my hands up. Securing … Read More

5 epic tips to maintain a WordPress website

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The 3 Best Cookie Consent Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best cookie consent plugins for WordPress? A cookie is a small text file stored in your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome etc.) to help remember things like your preferences, shopping basket data and more. The data that they store is anonymous, but they are used to create a better user experience for visitors to … Read More

How to use WooCommerce like a boss

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How to install WooCommerce in WordPress and sell direct

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5.5 top tips for women and OMGs working in a male-dominated industry

It’s tough working in a male-dominated industry as a woman or other marginalized gender (OMG). Thankfully this week I have a special guest post from Amelia from the awesome HI Jewellery talking about her experiences and top tips for dealing with it. Take it away Amelia. “She likes being on her knees” said one male colleague to me when I … Read More

Is X- Theme the best WordPress theme for business?

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9 tremendous WordPress plugins for business you need right now

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Wix or WordPress? How to make the best choice for your website

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Do I need web hosting? 7 simple tips

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