Lyrical Host – WordPress hosting that will blow your mind

Lyrical Host are set to become big players on the WordPress hosting scene. Even though the company itself is relatively new to the WordPress hosting market, the founder isn’t and it shows. Keep reading to find out why I think Lyrical Host will blow your mind of you decide to use them to host your WordPress website. Who are Lyrical … Read More

Mailchimp to WordPress – 3 tips guaranteed to build your list

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Search engine optimization on a WordPress site, all you need to know

Search engine optimization on a WordPress site is generally easier to do than on other website building platforms. WordPress gives users control over links and images and also provides powerful plugins to help you make sure that your content is as optimized as possible for your keywords. The hard part is getting your keywords right because even the best optimized … Read More

Build a WordPress website with The Blog Genie

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WordPress themes for business – your complete guide

Choosing WordPress themes for business can be quite overwhelming. You need to make sure that the theme you choose has all the features you want, and looks good. In this post I’ll talk you through exactly what a theme is, what to think about when choosing one, where to find one and more. What is a WordPress theme? A WordPress … Read More

Domain name server – why do you absolutely need one?

Domain name server (DNS) and domain names, are really techy sounding names that you’ll hear when you start looking into setting up your website. Often it’s enough to put people off building their own site. But actually, when you know what they are and why you need them, it becomes a lot less scary – and that’s why I’ve written … Read More

How to use WordPress – an online course can help

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3 ways WordPress blocks can save your business time

Yes you read that right – WordPress blocks can save your business time. Before the latest version of WordPress, released in December 2018, creating pages and blog posts was a bit like creating a Microsoft Word document. You started off by typing your text, then you’d put an image here, maybe a gallery there and depending on how lucky you … Read More

5 awesome reasons to choose WordPress for a business site

Why would you choose WordPress for a business site when it’s best known for blogging? Well, let me tell you 🙂 It’s so much more than just a blogging platform. Huge brands like The New York Times, Bacardi and even BBC America use WordPress to power their websites. But why do they use it? And what makes it more than … Read More

What is WordPress? Why your business absolutely needs it

What is WordPress is a question I’m asked a lot in Facebook groups. People know that they need a website to get their businesses seen. They’ve heard about WordPress but they’re not 100% sure what it is, what it actually does and what it could mean for them. Did you know that WordPress powers 27% percent of all websites? Who … Read More