Google Search Console verification made quick and easy

Google search console verification is the process of making sure you own the site you want to add to your account. It can be a bit fiddly to do because you’ll need access to change the files for the site you’re trying to add. Thankfully there are a few different options on how to verify your site with Google search … Read More

Do you need a sitemap for WordPress? Absolutely

I get a lot of questions asking whether you need a sitemap for WordPress and my answer is always, yes definitely. What is a sitemap? Before we start talking about why you’d need a sitemap for WordPress, let’s talk about what a sitemap actually is. A sitemap is basically a file that lists all the pages of your website to … Read More

3 fabulous WordPress plugins for events

Picture this scene, you’re in a big hotel for a conference. There’s a load of great speakers lined up and the place is full. You literally can’t move for people but you’re not surprised because it sold out months ago. How do you know this? Because it’s YOUR conference, one YOU organised and the one YOU’RE closing with your own … Read More

3 remarkable free membership plugins for WordPress

Need free membership plugins for WordPress? Look no further than these 3. They’re not the heavyweight hitters of the membership plugin world like Learndash or MemberPress, but if you’re on a tight budget these will stand you in good stead. Creating Paid for Content Before we get stuck into the ins and outs of WordPress membership plugins I think it’s … Read More

5 actually awesome WordPress plugins for SEO

Looking for WordPress plugins for SEO to supercharge your search engine visibility? Look no further than this list. Now you might find the suggestions after the first one in this list a bit surprising, but SEO these days is about more than just getting keywords in the right places. Read on if you’re ready to supercharge your SEO strategy. Search … Read More

3 powerful WordPress plugins for security

WordPress plugins for security are the most important that you can have installed on your website. They’re what I like to call background plugins. They sit there in the background doing they’re thing and you only really know they’re there when something’s going down. This post was prompted by the Pinterest Queen and Disneyland Paris Guru , Jade of The … Read More

The WordPress Visual Editor – your complete guide

The new WordPress visual editor also known as the WordPress block editor or Gutenberg, has been around for a while now and is only getting better. I’m a huge advocate of getting people tot switch to the new editor for several reasons, but the main one is that it will save you time creating content in the long run. The … Read More

Gutenberg WordPress editor – 5 things you didn’t know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you’ll have heard about the Gutenberg WordPress editor. It’s the new WordPress editor released as part of WordPress 5 last December. If you’ve seen any of my other content, blog posts, videos, social media posts – you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of this new editor. I … Read More

9 steps to build a website easily

Why build a website over using social media? More and more people are looking to capitalise on the power of the internet which means that they need a website. You could try your luck micro-blogging on social media but I think it’s a risky strategy. Social media algorithms can change at the drop of a hat, so one day you … Read More

How to get your WordPress image sizes under control today

Getting your WordPress image sizes under control is important for any website. You want your pictures to look good but not take days to load. When you collaborate with other brands you want to make sure that you do their products justice. You want to include lots of pictures but it’s no good if your readers get bored waiting for … Read More